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* What we Offer...

Pre-recorded, one-minute long, News e-bulletins in MP3 format ready to play on your radio station, all you need to do is add the News e-bulletins to your station's playlist.

News e-bulletins that get updated as news flow, Monday thru Friday.
Of course it is totally up to you when you want to air the e-bulletins.
We also have News e-bulletins for the weekend, a new service that we have named it Weekend Edition.
We always update our product line by creating Sports, Eco/Green, Lifestyle/Fashion, "Today in History", Showbiz e-bulletins, as well as a weather e-bulletin including the temperature of your town.

Our team of journalists collects and edits News of national and international interest, which are then sent to you via e-mail with an MP3 attachment at least 15 minutes prior to the hour i.e. 11:45 - 14:45 (GMT +2) etc.

Daily News start with the 06:00 e-bulletin and end with the 17:00 e-bulletin, however it's entirely up to you when you want to air the e-bulletins as you can set your On-Air software to play the e-bulletins at any time you like, which means for example that you can set your software to play the NEWS.MP3 file at 09:00, at 11:00, at 13:00, at 14:00 and at 20:00, or even at 08:30, at 10:30 etc... Each and every time, the NEWS.MP3 file will always feature the latest News since when we send it to you it overwrites the old one!
As simple as that!


Good news does not stop here...
We have created a special software application we call i-News Platform, which automatically receives our e-bulletins and saves them to your specified folder without requiring any human intervention, making the News-flow: Automatic, trouble-free and cost-free procedure!
Also our new feature "Station Intro", enables each radio station to have its own, custom-made intro to any of our e-bulletins thus tailoring them to your Station!

Being radio station owners ourselves, we share the same concerns with you and we move towards innovation by promoting ideas and solutions, always based on simplicity, automation and low cost!
We implemented yet another pioneering idea and we created our new e-Weather Client software application, which automatically informs radio listeners on the current weather conditions of your town, by using human voice!

Our aim is to help you increase your station's ratings (and earnings) and to make your station stand out, by making use of our unique, affordable, and newly available services!
As from today you are given easy access to the most informed and unbiased News e-bulletins, because:






Our Story

We are counting 14 years of strong and dynamic presence in the Greek radio sphere. Our clients are more than 250 radio stations in Greece, Cyprus, USA and Australia.

DataMax News has been a leading company in the field of radio station news productions, since 2003 when it first implemented an exclusive idea for producing pre-recorded, news e-bulletins in MP3 format which were automatically made available to radio stations.

Our team of journalists collects and edits news from Greece and the rest of the globe, sports news, news from the fields of banking and finance, health and science, culture, weather, showbiz etc...

Top Stories

We welcome you in the brand new DataMax site radically redesigned and more user-friendly!

Our new site, which is also an online shop, introduces a completely new approach to our products and services since we now offer different packages of news bulletins, with varying cost, that combine information with entertainment. You can now choose the package that suits your radio station best (Gold, Silver, and Bronze).

What is more, we can now lower the cost even more if you extend your subscription duration (3, 6 or 12 months); the cost reduction can even touch 75%!

We also allow you to acquire/subscribe to individual (item) bulletins e.g. only news bulletin, or only econews or econews and sport news etc. tailoring the combination of news bulletins or simply adding e-bulletins to your basket and choosing from the  subscription options of 3, 6 or 12 months and benefiting from the cost reduction!